Fashion trends and news from across UK

Fashion trends and news from across UK

Ideas to wear the oversized shawl in winter outfits

Transform the oversized shawl into the super hero of the most creative winter outfits! This chic and warm accessory can be worn in so many ways. We’re showing you how to create the illusion that you have a huge wardrobe with just a few simple tricks.
• Wool shawl worn classically
The secret to matching lies in choosing impeccable small details designed to add a touch of personality to mundane winter outfits. The oversized shawl, an accessory so used in the winter that can become a centerpiece of the outfit if you give it the deserved attention.
The fabric out of which the shawl is made is just as important as how to style it. Very few women have an impressive collection of XXL scarves, they usually invest in one quality piece of wool, silk or cashmere.
The oversized wool ladies scarves has become a favorite of international fashionistas since the beginning of the season.
Trick: To give a fresh note to it’s classic aspect, combine the shawl with ultra-modern pieces: leather skirt and over the knee boots.
• Pin the XXL shawl with a belt around the waist!
You have to take advantage of belts around the waist, a trend that helps you create a thigh waist and a more harmonious allure.
Besides their aesthetic role, the shawl also has a practical one: the oversized shawl finds a new use. It transforms from a mere accessory in a chic coat! Wear it like a poncho over any winter outfits in neutral colors. From the office hours until the events of the evening, the shawl will be an ally.
• Decorative accent on one shoulder
As shawls have transformed into must-have pieces, the colorful prints inspired as well as the brilliant way to wear them: falling over one shoulder. Any elegant coat or casual dress can be accessorized with one of the pashmina shawls that may lie forget too long in the drawer. You will give the impression that you have an overwhelming wardrobe if you assimilate all these ideas for wearing shawls. And do not forget, for an impact, choose a shawl in contrast with the outfit!
• Oversized Silk Shawl
The ordinary black and white office outfit can get color using the silk shawl. Choose a strong print in vivid colors that attracts attention. Inspire yourself from photos of street style and wrap your scarf around the shirt.
Recommendation: pin it on the shoulder with a brooch with a spectacular design, to have ease in movement.
Scarves are a favorite accessory because they can be worn in any season. Any ordinary outfit can be accessorized with a scarf! There are many ways of attaching the scarf, so try them all and then you see which you like best.
When you choose a scarf, do not look at the price, but the quality of the material out of which it is made. And opt for those with special print. On rainy days, unusual and colorful patterns turn gray, boring attire in a sophisticated one. It will draw attention on you!

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