Fashion trends and news from across UK

Fashion trends and news from across UK

A new year, a new style with your scarf

2017 is here ladies and gentlemen! Time to dig in deep into your wardrobe and throw on those scarves you have! Yellow blends in with that white dress you have! What about that navy-blue scarf that goes with your white shirt, gentlemen? Let’s dress to win this year, apparently, the way you dress and look says more than you can ever imagine! Let’s rock it!

Here’s another impressive resolution for you, change your personal style when it comes to scarves! There are numerous ways to wear a scarf; both for males and females, and one can’t go wrong in this! Scarves have been worn for centuries and years, from the year your great grandmother was born, scarves are back in the market trend! They can be worn around the neck, to keep someone warm, or to accessorize someone’s outfit, or it can be tied around the waist to avoid being dirty, or even for religious reasons.

Scarves also come in different varieties, made of various kinds of materials and textures. For the very cold weather, one can go with a woolen scarf to keep warm. Our great grandmothers used to knit, and alas! Knitted Scarves are way cool and beautiful, keeps you close to your granny in thoughts! They range from cheap to very expensive! For example, the most affordable scarf can go to as little as one dollar and as expensive as 4.8 million dollars!

Depending on your pocket, scarves are made to suit everyone’s taste and budget. If you love shouting colors, a plain scarf can go well with your clothing. If one likes plain clothes, then a striped scarf can blend in well. One can never really have enough scarves I tell you, combine them in different colors, different designs, different materials, and different lengths! This list is endless!

Here’s a tip: one should have balance when it comes to neckwear! This will help in creating that impact when someone looks at you! Remember, the style of dressing depends solely on the right materials and colors that you choose. Don’t try too hard, just look your best, and you will look super good. Remember what Leonardo Da Vinci once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! As much as the scarf is the simplest accessory on earth, it can give you that elegance you need.

My dear ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Get up and running, get yourself a scarf, it’s winter in some parts of the world, it’s time to get warm! Certain regions of the world are hot, and you can do with a scarf around your neck to compliment your look! Get running, and some stores are having that New Year discount, you don’t want to be left out, or do you? Who doesn’t love a great bargain? Let’s get “scarfing” this New Year! So don’t let the New Year change your perception about scarves, instead, let the scarves change your style this 2017! It’s a great year for sure! Let your wardrobe be full of scarves and give that lasting impression you have always desired.


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